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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Modern Pressure Cooking

I watched in amazement as Wolfgang Puck cooked meal after meal in minutes on HSN.
I decided when I got the money, it was definitely time for me to invest in a modern pressure cooker. I checked the reviews online. Most were not favorable. I decided to buy a pressure cooker from Target. When it arrived, it sat in the box for a week. I was scared! How many of us have heard HORROR stories about beans all over the ceiling? Don't be scared! The modern pressure cooker has safety features that prevent this from happening. A friend assured me that she uses hers all of the time. She anecdotally encouraged me to READ THE DIRECTIONS!

This is a MUST HAVE item for every cook. From the novice, to the veteran.

NESCO 3 in 1 Pressure Cooker $119.00

•Rugged stainless steel with a steaming rack and a powerful 1,000 watts
•2 pressure settings
•Pressure-cooks, slow-cooks and steams your foods to perfection
•Adjustable digital temperature control
•13.5H x 11W x 13.25D"
•6-qt. Pressure Cooker
•Includes Glass Lid, Stainless Steel Rack
•Dimensions: 13.5x11x13.25 "

Why I love it:

It saves me a tremendous amount of time.
Meat falls off of the bone. Presoaked beans cook in just 10 minutes.
I've browned ground meat in the pressure cooker on the BROWN setting, added DirtyRice Mix & water, switched to pressure cooker setting & had dinner on the table in 20 mins.

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