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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ways To Save Money On Groceries

The following are a few tips which I hope will help you to save some money and eat well.

Do not underestimate the nutritional value of eggs.

You can always add a hard boiled egg to salad to boost protein.
It does not take much time to whip up an omlette or fritatta.

Make Grains a staple in your pantry.

- If you are able to store greater quantities, buy in bulk.

- Buy Old Fashioned Oats. They are an inexpensive breakfast and make great fillers for ground meats and veggie burgers.

- When pasta goes on sale buy several packages.

Learn how to prepare your own beans.

They are very healthy because of being a great source of soluable fiber. They are inexpensive, generally less than a dollar for a pound of dried beans. 2 cups of dried beans equals 8 cups of cooked beans.

Buy fruits and vegetables IN SEASON. This is when they are the least expensive!

For a Calendar of US Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables, Click


For a Calendar of UK Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables, Click

Buy poultry and meats at rock bottom prices.

In my area, the least expensive price I have seen for chicken is $.39 a pound.
I try not to buy it for more than $.59 a pound unless it is for a special occassion. Prepare your own chicken. When they cut it up for you in the market, you are paying premium prices for that. Do not be afraid to cut up whole fryers, clean them & freeze them for future use. One of the least expensive cuts of meat is the leg quarter. Most often in my area, I am able to find them for $.49 a pound.
They are a little bit of a challenge to clean, but the meat is very moist.
They are great for stewing and baking.

Do not be afraid to substitute ground turkey or ground chicken for ground beef in recipes.

For a variety of ground chicken/turkey recipes Click HERE

Keep aromatics such as carrots, celery, onions, garlic and potatoes as staples.
These are often very inexpensive and enhance almost every meal.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Do not be a snob.

There was a time when I did not shop at discount grocery stores such as Murry's , and Save-A-lot. I thought they had inferior quality groceries. That is not necessarily true. Murray's is my go to spot for Hanover Foods Baby Brocolli Spears! I love it when they are 2 for $7! Some people turn their nose up to "off brand" processed foods. Aldi is my mainstay for condiments, eggs, and cheese. The ingredients are the same as more well known name brands. For instance, I can buy a 24 oz. jar of CASA MAMITA Salsa for the same price as more expensive BRAND salsa in an 11 oz jar. If you want to freshen the salsa, you can always add a chopped plum tomato or some scallions. To me, there really is no difference in the taste of the salsas. If you are a die hard loyal Hellmann's Mayo fan, clip coupons and wait for it to go on sale so you can maximize your savings.

Visit local ethnic food and produce markets.

You may be pleasantly surprized at the low price of produce.
A local Jaimaican Grocery store is my favorite place to purchase scallions, fresh thyme, fresh ginger root and frying peppers.

Your Local Dollar Store may also be a great place to buy groceries.

Be sure to check the expiration date to make sure the product is still edible.

Dollar General RECIPES

Family Dollar RECIPES

Plant an indoor garden for fresh herbs.

If you do not have enough land to grow your own vegetables outside, consider joining a community garden.

Split a neighborhood food co-op membership with a friend or family member.

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