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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Plant Based Diet - Is it for You?

On January 1, 2014, I committed to eating a plant based diet. Every January, PCRM (The Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine) launches a 21 day Vegan KickStart Challenge.
I was successful this year. I was able to complete the challenge! I am so proud of myself!
21 days is enough time to learn new habits and drop old ones.

I eliminated refined sugar from my diet. This was a huge effort for me because I love Chic Fil A Lemonade.
I convinced myself that getting the cup full of ice and half filled with water was a good thing. I justified it.
I was kidding myself. The sugar was killing me and contributing to my increasing waistline.

I am also a HUGE fan of KFC 's Spicy Chicken! This would present more of a challenge for me.

However, the main reason for my deciding to switch to a plant based diet is a close family member of mine suffered from Arteriosclerosis
as a result of Type 2 Diabetes. I share a lot of physical characteristics and dna with this family member. The family member went to the hospital to have a stent inserted in a leg because of arterial blockage. It was determined during several pre-surgical tests that there were more blockages particularly in the patient's heart. The doctors wanted to operate IMMEDIATELY. They thought they had to do a Quadruple Bypass .
They ended up only having to do a double bypass. The surgery took place on Christmas Eve of 2013. This really scared me straight! After all, this surgery involved grafting a vein from the patient's leg onto the exterior of the heart to keep blood flowing properly because of the blockages. It also involved sawing into the sternum to get to the heart. This was enough for me to make a change. I want the change for my entire family, but I cannot force any of them to do it. I can only hope that by my example, and improved health that they see the benefits. The family member is out of the rehabilitation facility and recuperating at home.

The plant based diet involves eating fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes.
I eliminated animal products, heavy oils, and dairy from my diet.

I have lost 10 pounds so far.

I hope to share recipes embracing my new choice here. I plan to tweak old comfort food favorites.
I hope you will enjoy what is in store for this blog! Change is coming!

If you would like to join the kickstart challenge here is the link

On February 3rd I plan to do the Engine 2 28 Day Challenge

Click the link to find out more information.

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